Umbrellas @ R500.00 each per day


Red banana umbrella to rent

Instructions for Assembling the Umbrella

Raising a garden umbrella shouldnt be difficult. The canopy should be ready assembled, and the most that is likely to be required is to fit two sections of the pole together and insert them into the canopy.


You will not require access to a toolkit to assemble our Umbrellas. Occasionally a wrench, allen key or screwdriver may be helpful, but for the most part garden umbrellas are designed for ease of use and no tools are required to assemble an umbrella.

If the garden umbrella is being used to shade a meal al fresco, the chances are it is being set up over a dedicated patio dining table. In this case there is likely to be a circular hole cut into the centre of the table specifically for receiving a umbrella pole. Where this applies, setting up the umbrella is simple. All that needs to be done is to insert the pole through the aperture, extend the lattice frame which supports the shade, and the umbrella is up.

Providing Stability

However, it is not yet secure. The pole either needs to be inserted into the ground, or into a heavy base, in order to give it the stability needed to resist the wind. We suggest using materials sand bags.